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Ultramarinus is thought to be NG Industries first wholly original piece.  It's name comes from the Latin for the color Ultramarine (ULTRA - beyond, MARE - sea, so called because the Lapis Lazuli from which the pigment was made was originally imported from Asia). Apparently NG Ind. does not seem to want to sell this creation, but has instead crafted it as a personal piece, in much the same way that Lemarchand created The Troubled Walk for himself.

Photo copy courtesy of N.G. Industries - 2008

Apart from the user name on the auction of The Box of Gateways and the testimony of NG's employees, clues can be found throughout the documents of NG Industries that lead to NG being none other that Capt. Nathan Green himself. The Ultramarinus documents, for example, have false information dating the piece as 1740-1760, but also contain the date of NG's disappearance from Syria in its acquisition number -"1671970"- or '16th July (7) 1970' similarly the same date crops up in other documentation; Zosimus, for example, contains the code "1671970" on virtually every piece of documentation relating to it. Clearly the date holds great significance to him, as the date his life was changed irrecovably.

The biggest difference between NG and Lemarchand seems to lie in their intent. Our source states that NG was a driven and intense man, who seemed to swing between fear and exuberance, but he was fair in all things. Whereas Lemarchand's constructs are designed to open a gateway for Leviathan and his servants, it would appear NG creates boxes that are intended to do the opposite.

Photo courtesy of N.G. Industries - 2008

Perhaps NG was working towards an 'anti-Lament', for want of a better term. A construct that not only closes Leviathan's portals but also has the power to destroy those who would try to enter our world though them.  Indeed he may have already succeeded with Ultramarinus. This would also explain why he kept The Troubled Walk. There are some who are of the opinion that Lemarchand created that particular box as protection for himself, a guarantee that he would not be taken for a fool by his masters. That would explain why he kept it on his person at all times, and it would also explain why NG has kept it. Perhaps Lemarchand made some small miscalculation in The Troubled Walk , which NG has corrected in Ultramarinus?

Perhaps the world has now heard the last of NG. He may be living out what remains of his life free from fear.

Perhaps not.

Only time will tell.

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