"The Box of Grief"

"The Distress Configuration"

"LeMarchand's Companion"

Art, and written research by Steelgohst

Perhaps the greatest find of modern times, The Troubled Walk - "The Box of Grief", is reportedly the sister box to the now infamous Lament Configuration - "The Box of Sorrows".

The Troubled Walk was thought only to be a rumor, until the book collection of Sir Francis Dashwood was sold at a private auction.  It brought to light the only known copy of "LeMarchand's Dreams",  a book which lists the early works that LeMarchand produced in Paris (1749).

The tome contains a section devoted to The Box of Grief.   It states that the box was created at the same time and with the same materials as the Lament Configuration, but was never intended for sale.

LeMarchand reputedly kept this box about his person at all times.  He was once seen stroking and speaking softly to it, in the words of the witness "as if it were the most beautiful of women."

The Book of "LeMarchand's Dreams" also contained, sandwiched between its pages and the back cover,  a century old photograph of a young woman holding The Troubled Walk.


This effectively proved the existence of "The Distress Configuration", and set in motion the search to find it.


The current owner of the box , known only as N.G., put up a reward of 2 million to whoever found The Box of Grief and delivered it safely to him.  This lead to the creation of numerous forgeries, many of which still circulate amongst collectors.  According to those who have held the true box, however, there is no mistaking it.


Addendum - December 4th, 2007

The following picture is of a box that has recently surfaced in Budapest, Hungary.  It has  been in the keeping of a single family, who until recently, were completely unaware that this was not the true Box of Grief.  This forgery has been handed down for nearly a century.  It  is believed to be one of the first copies made of "LeMarchand's Companion", and is of great worth as a curio to LeMarchand aficionados.

"The Box of Grief" - photograph by Nymph-Glamour 2007

The family was made aware that their treasured possession is not the true construct they believed it to be. They are now considering auctioning the box, causing somewhat a stir among collectors.  Indeed, word is that N.G., (current owner of  The Troubled Walk, and holder of the world's largest collection of LeMarchand boxes and documents), may come out of hiding in order to bid.  This is more likely to be hearsay, as to do so would place his life in danger.  It is more likely that an anonymous proxy will bid on his behalf.



"The Box of Grief"
- photograph by Steelgohst 2008

One collector allowed to view the original box at the home of N.G. had this to say of it:

"As soon as one enters the same room as LeMarchand's Companion, one senses her presence.  Indeed, I had the unnerving sensation that she sensed my presence also.  N.G. was kind, or perhaps vicious enough to let me hold her, an experience I shall never forget. Were I 40 years younger, I very much doubt that I would have allowed her to be taken back from me.  The rush of jealous hatred and bloodlust that I felt as N.G. pried her from my frail fingers was most exhilarating, and by far the most powerful sensation I had felt in my life to that date.  My nights since that day have been filled with dreams of her, and the secrets she whispered to me.  My days filled with the grief of her loss I felt that day as she was taken from me.  

It is just as well for him that N.G. went into hiding after my visit.  He cannot hide forever .  My men will find him.  I shall take her back... "

The location of N.G. and The Troubled Walk remain a mystery...


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