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The Configurations of LeMarchand

The Hellbound Web

Hellbound Chronicles

Hellraiser Comics - Made for fans, by the fans.

Pyramid-Gallery Curator, Max Lichtor is a guest on the following episodes:

Episode 39: Hellraiser 3 - Hell On Earth

Episode 40:  Hellraiser 4 - Bloodline

Episode 43: Hellraiser 5 - Inferno
Hellraiser 6 - Hellseeker

Episode 52:  Clive Barker's Books of The Damned

Episode 58: Paul Gerrard - Hellraiser Origins

Episode 117:  Duels of Blood

Episode 118:  Duels of Blood Round II

Episode 119:  The House Always Wins

Episode 121: The Box Is Back

Episode 122: Cramming Hitler's Heart In A Toddler

Episode 124: Christopher Carrion's Autograph

Episode 125:  Now I'm The Wicked Queen


"Explorations in the Further Regions of HELLRAISER"

Back issues of Coenobium are available from:


Pyramid-Gallery received the following
appeared in the October 2009 issue of

The October 2009 Issue also features a fascinating
fifteen page article on The Dark Imagination of Clive Barker

Ghostly Talk - A Paranormal Internet Talk Show

June, 2005
featured on the paranormal internet talk show:
Ghostly Talk

Hosts Scott L. and Doug talk with Pyramid-Gallery's Curator, Max Lichtor about the movie Hellraiser, Philip LeMarchand's puzzle boxes, and those pesky secret societies.

Stream Part 1

Stream Part 2

October, 2019

Halloween is upon us and we celebrate hard tonight, diving into our love and thoughts on the movie Hellraiser, among a lot of other very interesting things.  We were honored to have Max Lichtor back on Ghostly Talk! 

Max is the curator at Pyramid-Gallery.com, featuring the planets greatest intricately designed music box replicas of French architect, artisan and designer Philip LeMarchand. 

You have undoubtedly seen The Lament Configuration in all of the films in the Hellraiser franchise.  Scott L. and Max crossed paths in a very funny way 15 years ago and this meeting again could not be timed better for Halloween!

September, 2020

"We kick-off the Halloween season with ghosts and Hellraiser!  Max Lichtor from Pyramid-Gallery joined us.  If you are a 'Hellraiser' fan,make sure to check out the intricately designed music box replicas Max makes.  Amazing!"


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