"The Contentment Configuration"

"Humanity's Ascension"

"The Twin Paradox"

Art and written research by Phillip Bowen

In 2010, limner artist Phillip Bowen contacted Pyramid-Gallery with information discovered from a commission he received from Chester Cathedral, the mother church of the Church of England.  The cathedral was formally a Benedictine monastery known as St Werburgh's abbey.  Mr. Bowen was part of a team of illuminators hired to translate and reproduce a series of large scale diagrams based on illustrations of cube art found in a number of alchemical writings discovered during a renovation of the cathedral's upper library in 2002.  These treatises had not been seen for centuries. They are thought to date back to the time of St Werburgh's abbey (mid 16th Century), where they were first cataloged, hidden and stored for safekeeping during the dissolution of the monasteries in 1541. 

CIRCA 1262

The European alchemist known by the pen name Geber created a pair of Yantric devices in unison
The Temptation of Eve - Humanity's Loss and Triumph of the Archangels - Humanity's Ascension

These boxes are twin paradoxes of each other.  One cannot exist without the other.
The symbolic images and written dialogue found on these cubes bespeak divinity.

Triumph of The Archangels is a Master Key to the heavens.  It describes the many levels of Heaven which are ruled over by chosen Archangels who hold certain elemental powers over the stars and planets.

"Triumph of the Archangels" -  Diagram by Phillip Bowen, 2010

Precious metals used:  Gold, Platinum, Silver, Lead, Ebony, Blood Sacrament, Blue Emerald, Topaz, Pearl Inlay 

The Word of God and the Triumph of Michael Heaven's Gateway

Novalis' Gift to the Earth Seven Tiers of the Kingdom of Light

Eden's Welcome Alchemy of the Heavens

Extracts from the alchemist's journal, 1262:

"The Twin Paradox is complete.  I cannot describe in words the things I've seen manifested by these devices.  When the Contentment Configuration is held by others it seems to produce feelings of joy.  Those that manipulate the box giggle and smile when the pressure points are activated.   When the music emitted by the tiny bells starts, it sends nearly all into a blissful intoxication and they are unable to even remember what they are even doing ... Only those who can withstand these feelings can solve the box... I must keep The Twin Paradox constructs away from the Roman Church.  Their power and influence grow as they kill and pillage, searching for more artifacts of the divine and infernal, hoping to break the barriers between the worlds... if they have any idea that the Knights of the Temple hold such devices I fear they will destroy us all.”