"The Suicide Forest Box"

Also connected to the Noli Me Tangere Faux Configuration

Written research by Mark Buckle

"Information concerning this particular configuration is made all the more interesting and intriguing due to the fact that a small criminal network sought to discredit the validity of the discovery though means of misdirection and extending to the murder of Rowan Maher.

The creation of several 'fake' Aokigahara Configurations by the assailants and propagation of the myth by various websites on line to this day has further added to the confusion and speculation concerning the Noli Me Tangere Configuration.  This design has since been proven to be founded in fiction rather than fact and is indeed one of the manufactured puzzle boxes.  

Although information concerning the actual Aokigahara Configuration is relatively impossible to come by, I hope that the gallery can bring this information to the public and possibly encourage further investigations into its recent appearance.  As always my friend, be careful who you trust and I wish you all the best with your research.  I hope this helps in some way to solve the 'problem' of the cursed thing ending up in your possession."  

~ Anonymous Email

Documentation uncovered at the abandoned schoolhouse at Mount Fuji, Japan.
Note : The coordinates on the document seem to be valid.

Scan courtesy of anon. source.

The clever use of misdirection via the use of 'fictional works' seems to point to an organization whose goal is to discredit the discovery, thus putting an end to any further investigation into the origin of the Aokigahara Configuration.  Such works that have been discovered all are published or connected in some way to an entity known as "LPMS Publishing House LTD" and the numbers 042A regularly appear in various publications.  Below is a list of publications connected to the LPMS Publishing House entity.

"Small restaurant type store near Mount Fuji"
Strange signage as seen aprox. 32 miles from the base of Mount Fuji.

Photograph courtesy of K.Jensen

Case VT 05 - The homicide of Rowan Maher facts.

In 2012 a man named Rowan Maher was found murdered in his apartment building by his neighbor Michelle Prescott. The puzzle box found with his body has since been proven to be a fake although has recently gone missing.  Rumor has it that a collector of puzzle boxes paid a large sum of money to a Ranjit Singh.  Men connected to the company - LPMS Publishing House LTD have had warrants for their arrest issued in connection with the murder of Rowan Maher.  No suspects have been found.

The investigation has led to a connection between LPMS Publishing House LTD
members and war criminals from Unit 731 (Japan)

Painting uncovered at a residence connected to the
Rowan Maher murders of 2012 - Artist unknown

The investigation is on going. I shall send you more information as it comes to hand.

Aokigahara - Video Files:

The Perfect Place (Swedish documentary) Part 1 of 2
The Perfect Place (Swedish documentary) Part 2 of 2
Suicide Forest in Japan (VICE documentary)