"Touch me not"

Research by Mark Buckle


ATTN : Pyramid Gallery Director

The USB stick I have sent you was passed along to me by a person that I cannot name.

I don't have a lot of time, as I am soon to "disappear from the grid" so to speak, the person who originally found the reports and photographs contained on the USB stick had opened the (box) object.  (Quick research indicated the box is named the Noli Tangere Me Configuration, strangely sounds Latin, haven't had time to do more research due to the circumstances)

I am forbidden to give more information concerning the result of the opening of the object, but can advise you strongly not to open it or attempt to handle it unnecessarily.
A bargain has been made and I cannot discuss the specifics, but you are to sell/give away or whatever you see fit, the original box and exact copies of the object that you will produce and advertise.

NOTE : THIS is a part of your own bargain from all those years ago friend. "They have requested this"
You may NOT reveal which is the original and which are the copies.

Delivery of this package will fulfill the bargain that the person whom discovered the object and my own bargain.
Completion of these requests outlined, will I assume, fulfill your bargain.


StolenReport VT0504 Research by Mark Buckle 2013 Published by Max Lichtor

StolenReport VT0504 Resear... by max_lichtor

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