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Albertus Magnus, born under the name of Albert de Groot, was born in Larvington an der Donau, Swabia (now Germany) between the years of 1193 and 1206, although, this date as well as his date of death (presumably November 15th, 1280 ) is still being debated to this very day.
It has been said of Albertus, that he was a "Magnus in Magia, Major in Philosophia, and Maximus in Theologia". Among his many talents he was also a physician, an astrologer, and physisist. He was also a master of the magical arts (black and white). Albertus' detractors have accused him of holding communications with Satan and using "The Black Arts" to create a "living automa", on the other side of the coin, it has also been alleged that the Virgin Mary appeared to a young Albertus and bestowed upon him the entire sum of all the knowledge of the Universe past, present and future.
Albertus was self taught in natural science ( of which he became the Patron Saint in 1941 ), and was regarded as an expert in logic, rhetoric, mathematics, ethics,and metaphysics. He was also the only man to be refered to as "Magnus" i.e. "The Great" in his own lifetime and won the title of Bishop of Ratisbon.
After becoming an instructor at The University of Paris, Albertus became mentor to St. Thomas Aquinas, to whom he left the secret of the Philosophers Stone, a magical substance which could turn lead into gold and could unlock the secret to immortality.

"Magnus in Magia, Major in Philosophia, and Maximus in Theologia"

His writings indicate that after he completed the construction of his first box, Albertus began a thirty year long task of building an automaton which he named "Android".

Using the "...angels from the netherworld..." and the powers of the philosophers stone he created the "metals and material unknown to this world..." and chose them "according to the stars and planets...".

The android was instilled with the powers of speech, thought, and according to some reports a SOUL. Upon completion of this project, his student St. Thomas, destroyed the "diabolic being" and denounced it as "...a tool of satan and a blasphemy to God".

According to the records of death for the year of 1280 Albertus' body was laid to rest. However, further investigation reveals that his puzzle boxes continued to appear throughout the centuries. The writings of Philip LeMarchand, in fact, speak of " The Magnus" showing him how to unlock the secrets of the world as well as how to construct " ...a toy of magical properties. "
Included herein are excerpts of the writings as well as the recovered etchings of the box from Albertus' private diary.



The six sides of the box are constructed of two sets of panels, three of lead and three of gold. Each of the three panels of lead representing the alchemists "Triangle of Knowledge of the Earth" , sublimacion, seperation and conviction. The three gold panels representing the alchemists "Triangle of Knowledge of the Heavens", philosophy, astrology and magic.
The box is the supposed third holder of the secret of the philosophers stone, the first being Albertus, the second being St. Thomas Aquinas completing yet another sacred triangle. Encrusted with the various symbols of alchemy and the signs of the planets, the box promises wealth and knowledge equaled only by God himself. It is said that when the signs and symbols have been arranged into "...the shape of The Master's Plan" shall open the "portals to the other side."
Fig 1.1 Albertus Magnus "The Box of Secrets" (click on thumbnail for detail)



Above are some pages from Albertus' private diary apparently describing the boxs' graphic layout and color scheme I have attempted to enhance translate these pages below. The third picture seems to be a sketch of Magnus teaching the secrets of the Philosophers Stone to a student perhaps St. Thomas Aquinas.
Fig 1.2 Details of Box ( click on image for full detail ) 




Appendix (A)

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Certain symbols, prayers and incantations seem to be loose interpretations of writings from the fabled "NECRONOMICON" an ancient magical text (dated back to 700 b.c.) made famous by the author H.P. Lovecraft. However, Magnus' interpretations seem to resemble text from the original document, which was written in the ancient language of the Summerian people as opposed to the more fanciful interpretations of Lovecraft as he seems to have taken certain "Dramatic Liberties" in his translations.
Shown below are some translations from Albertus' diary ( unfortunately these pages were so fragile that they could not even be photographed, I have transcribed these pages and sent them to Dr. Jarod J.Gregory of The British Museum of Antiquities for translation.
Trans 1.1 ( from his childhood diary)
" She appeared to me again, The Virgin Mary, covered in the blood of her holy son, the white veil that coverd her face stained crimson and the scent of vanilla filled the air..."
Trans 1.2 ( from the plans for the box )
"The box, constructed to protect the secrets of the stone, three sides of the bastard metal Lead and three of the Holy Gold. Each of the six sides when combined form the triangles of knowledge....."
".....A balance of the universe shall employ upon the possesor the knowledge of the heavens and unlock the powers of God.  Man alone cannot disturb the march of the planets but, by once again summoning the keepers we part the veil and behold, The distant elements of the planets are harmonized and relationships not previously seen are made visible......"

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