"The Innocence Puzzle"

"The Ancient French Box of Eternity"

Art and written research by Anna Lovatt

In September of 2007, Pyramid-Gallery was notified of a strange internet conversation between two video file sharers which pertained to our ongoing investigations into the puzzle box creations of Philip LeMarchand.
The on-line discussion centered around a few videos leaked from an 1986 experiment performed by The Rockefeller Foundation.  All of the videos feature information on a previously unknown LeMarchand puzzle box:

The Lost Configuration - "The Ancient French Box of Eternity" (dated 1760)

Puzzle box - my copy Puzzle box Documents Conspira-tv Rockefeller
From: FJresearcher
Date: Sept. 08, 2007
From: stulak
Date: Sept. 03, 2007
From: stulak
Date: Sept. 12, 2007
From: stulak
Date: Sept. 18, 2007
Message: Message: Message: Message:
"This is the one I have.  It seems the same as yours only much worse. Do you have any other videos or documents I can have. Don't email me, we are being monitored. This is posted from another laptop. I suggest you do the same"
"For F.J - from Alains things.
Is this what you mean?"
"This is the file I have. It's a photocopy plus 2 photos. There is more but I'm not sure where. This file seems to be some kind of detail and history.  Is this any use?"
"Got this from google.  See what I mean?"


Pyramid-Gallery research agents managed to contact Stulak in regards to this mysterious research.  Stulak's reply was received on September 28th, 2007:

Berne, 28 Sept.

Merci pour votre gentil message, je suis très content de trouver d'autres personnes qui ont un interêt pour cette sorte d'artéfact. Je peux vous envoyer une copie du document que j'ai filmé pour FJresearcher.

Je suis à votre disposition pour répondre ce que je peux.

a bientôt,

Which roughly translates in English:

Thanks for your kind message, I am very happy to find other people interested in this kind of artifact.  I can send you a copy of the document which I have filmed for FJresearcher.

I am at your disposition to answer what I can.


Pyramid-Gallery was then sent a PDF file scan of the document featured in the second Stulak video.  It is mirrored here with the kind permission of the file sharers.  

The Rockefeller Foundation Research Document 851-2257 (Alains_document.pdf- 6533 KB
The 'Lost' Configuration or Innocence Puzzle
R.F. / Rnd. - 03/07/1986

Information found in the document has lead our staff to identify a possible connection to one Dr. Alain Stulak, a noted doctor of psychology, linked to the Rockefeller Foundation.  His major field of study was that of ancient religious practice and it's basis in psychology.  Dr Stulak was reported missing and presumed dead in the late 1980s.  Most of his research is now classified under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act.  It is assumed that the video file sharer by the name of Stulak is most probably Dr. Alain Stulak's wife, or perhaps one of his children.

.Gif Images of the Research Document

Stulak Document Page 1 Stulak Document Page 2 Stulak Document Page 3 Stulak Document Page 4 Stulak Document Page 5 Stulak Document Page 6
Page One Page Two Page Three Page Four Page Five Page Six
Stulak Document Page 7 Stulak Document Page 8 Stulak Document Page 9 Stulak Document Page 10 Stulak Document Page 11 Stulak Document Page 12
Page Seven Page Eight Page Nine Page Ten Page Eleven Page Twelve
Stulak Document Page 13
Page Thirteen

The Jouhetis panel

"The Swiss pattern inlay is representative of the 'Love' gifts of the 1800's.  The piercing of the heart motif is very ominous and consistent with the 'Cenobital' method.  This could be the key to it's operation in terms of opening the box."       

~ excerpted from The Rockefeller Foundation Research Document 851-2257

The Folly Jouhetis panel

"It's interesting to note that this particular box has a 'folly' panel.  The 'folly' (Jouhetis) panel only opens a small part of the puzzle and produces a delightful music box tune.  After a short time, the box closes again and the second main panel (Inceptis) must be solved within approximately 10 minutes.  Failure to do so renders the sequence null.  The whole process must be repeated until the Inceptis panel can be accessed.  We can only assume that this is a fail safe, fashioned into the overall design to prevent the box being discovered."       

~ excerpted from The Rockefeller Foundation Research Document 851-2257

The Cabratal panel

"On full detailed decoding of the icons surrounding the 'insect' like center pattern, we will be able to offer a better explanation of their meaning."  

~ excerpted from The Rockefeller Foundation Research Document 851-2257

"This panel has been observed to change it physical appearance on occasion.  This has resulted in the icons changing position under their own accord, and ending up in different corners of the facet."       

~ excerpted from The Rockefeller Foundation Research Document 851-2257

"Hidden within the design is a series of arcane iconic symbols.  We have decoded the symbology to ascertain the mechanism by which the puzzle can be solved." 

~ excerpted from The Rockefeller Foundation Research Document 851-2257

"These photos may not be currently accurate.  Due to their ability to change, these photos are relative only to when they were taken.  Our initial research indicates they are 'elemental' rather than arcane."       

~ excerpted from The Rockefeller Foundation Research Document 851-2257

"Liberte - Ferme - Crainte - Desir - in English reads: Freedom - Close - Pain - Desire.  We do feel however that the order of the words is subject to opinion.  When rearranged their meaning can be quite different.  This may have an effect on the 'cypher' that unlocks the puzzle.  Tests are yet to be planned."       

~ excerpted from The Rockefeller Foundation Research Document 851-2257

"It is assumed by it's design and wording, that this box was made for children or women.  It contains many motifs of the period, and detail in line with the popular Swiss fashion that was common of it's time."       

~ excerpted from The Rockefeller Foundation Research Document 851-2257

"LeMarchand's Lost Configuration of Innocence"

Poster by Wildsville Ltd - 2014

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