"Chain Of Souls"

Written research by Mark.B.

KULT RPG courtesy of
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"One of LeMarchand's boxes has even appeared recently on the album cover of the goth rock group, The Cult Of Joseph, showcasing a release entitled 'Chain of Souls'.  The agency representing the band recently announced that the band's tour bus had mysteriously disappeared between engagements in Muncie and Gary, Indiana."  

~ Tucker's Encylopedia of Mass Murderers


Rare unreleased demo material from The Cult Of Joseph's previously missing album "Chain Of Souls" 
The release of the album was cancelled after the disappearance of the band while on tour.

Courtesy of LPMS Publishing House LTD

The Cult Of Joseph was a heavy gothically influenced band that mysteriously disappeared whilst on tour between Muncie and Gary, Indiana. The band was formed by the brothers, Anthony and Jamie Rowan and the earliest recordings can best be described as typical pop goth sounding material.  Six months before the disapearance of the band, the members were constantly in the local music headlines for various indiscretions and 'rock and roll' activities.  It was at first rumoured and then confirmed by the band members themselves that they had turned a darker corner and were experienting with multiple occult influences within their music and personal lives.

"There is actually only so far you can go while stuck inside of these cumbersome bodies.  Hopefully our music will help you transcend this horrible claustophobic stuff and become something... something other.  You're all quite pathetic creatures."

Jamie Rowan - Xpression Magazine interview

"I'd love to tell you all about it and watch your face screw up with ignorance and longing, but no... When the album is released we will open... something... and then the whole world will see what The Cult of Joseph is really here on the earth for."

Anthony Rowan - Drumstix Magazine interview

The band's music became increasingly difficult to listen to and took on a very dark overtone. The minimal lyrics and strange note combinations also seemed to put its listeners into a trance at times.  The live shows were of an extraordinary nature due to the apparent theatrics used on the stage regularly.  The band was due to finish recording "Chain Of Souls" upon returning from Indiana but the band mysteriously disappeared.

Last known photograph of the band's tour bus.

Hand written note believed to be that of Anthony Rowan.

Photograph of the increasingly wild and strange live shows of The Cult Of Joseph.