"The Gift Configuration"

"Leviathan's Reward"

Original box design & research by Steelgohst

This is the only known configuration that was crafted, but not created by LeMarchand himself.  The design was given to LeMarchand in manuscript form, and completed over a period of five years.  During this time there was an enormous increase in the amount of missing persons cases reported in the American Colonies. Many attributed the disappearances to LeMarchand, although raids on his New York home never found any evidence pertaining to the 133 missing people.

The Gift Configuration Manuscript - photograph - Steelgohst 2008

There still exists one page of the manuscript, containing only nonsensical text and depictions of the outer faces of "The Gift Configuration", nothing of the inner workings of the box itself.  The remainder of the manuscript is believed to have been destroyed after the box was completed.

The text on the only surviving page appears to bear no relation to Pyus.  It may have been written in some form of code to which only LeMarchand himself was made privy.  

This is also the only LeMarchand box which has apparently never been opened.  Although it has passed through many hands over the years, none have ever been able to divine its secrets.  Perhaps this is just as well.  Some are of the understanding that all of LeMarchand's previous toys opened gateways, allowing access to those who may desire it to the world of Leviathan.  

It is suspected that Pyus opens a gateway to the world of men through which Leviathan itself can pass, effectively bringing about Hell on Earth and the destruction of all things.

Pyus is made of hardwood inlaid with bronze - the wood is stained a deep
brownish red which closely resembles, and indeed could well be, dried blood.

Who exactly presented LeMarchand with the manuscripts was not clear until the recent unearthing of a part of a missing journal.  It contains an entry which, if believed, makes the origins of Pyus dark indeed.  It describes a ritual the toymaker followed at the completion of each of his boxes.  It was through this ritual that LeMarchand called fourth those he referred to as the "Torn Ones".

"Lord Leviathan has sent this to me, His greatest gift.
I have performed well in His service, and my reward will be comparable..."

~ The Journal of Philip LeMarchand

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