"Gambler's Vertigo"

Original box design & research by Guillaume Roos


    On a night out in the "New World", Philip LeMarchand found himself playing poker in a game circle in downtown New York. One of the players particularly attracted his attention, a small quiet man who had left the table after having won all the other players’ money and without having lost even one game.

    As he asked the gambler sitting next to him, he was told this mysterious man was known by the name Charles Merova. Nobody really knew where he came from, but he was said to be a professional gamer and had never lost a bet during his whole life. Some even pretended he had gambled his soul on a card game with the devil and won.

    This last story amused LeMarchand and gave him the inspiration for a new configuration. A few weeks later, when he finally found where Charles Merova dwelled, LeMarchand met him and offered him a game. As he produced his new box in front of the player, he told him that if he succeeded in finding the solution to this puzzle box, he would win everything LeMarchand owned. As the toy maker seemed to be rich, Merova got quite interested by the gamble.

- "And what would I have to bet in exchange?" Merova asked.

- "Nothing… But your soul. They say you’ve already done this before, no?" LeMarchand replied in a thick french accent.

- "So they say… How does it work?"

- "You see, this little puzzle box has many different solutions, some are right, some are wrong. Find the right one, you keep your soul and you are a rich man. Find the wrong one, and… Let’s say your soul will be placed into more expert hands."

- "It seems to be quite a tough game."

- "Who said it would be easy? I thought I understood you were the best."

- "I am." said the gambler as he grabbed the box from LeMarchand's hand.

    When he held the box in his two hands, Merova started to feel a little dizzy. He looked left and right as he felt something, he could not say what, had changed around him. Experiencing a kind of vertigo, he sat down and began to proceed. From the moment he started the first manipulations, some weird fog floated around him, and, after a few minutes, the shape of Charles Merova vanished in the limbos.

- "Let the game begin" said the toy maker.

Since that day, no one ever seen the Merova Configuration nor Charles Merova, maybe still remaining in the limbos, trying to resolve the configuration, or maybe in Hell, trying to gamble his immortal soul with Leviathan.

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