"The Regret Configuration"

Original box design & research by Steelgohst

One of  LeMarchand's many puzzle boxes to be found in the late 20th century, Magdalene's Undoing, was found on July 16th, 1970.  It was uncovered in the Syrian desert by a group of British soldiers on war exercises, and is linked by some to the mysterious disappearance of Capt. Nathan Green.  This man was last seen retiring to his tent with "The Regret Configuration" on the evening of its discovery, never to be seen again.  The box itself disappeared from Capt. Green's tent the next day, and has only recently re-surfaced in Iran.  There it was purchased from a street vendor, who clearly had no idea of its true worth, for the princely sum of $15.

This particular construct was crafted from the finest African ebony and inlaid with silver.  Although recent research would suggest that it is in fact one of a pair (the other being ivory as a base and inlaid with osmium), an example has yet to be found and may be pure rumor.

It is a widely held belief amongst LeMarchand scholars that “Magdalene’s Undoing“ was created in the latter part of the 18th century in New York.  LeMarchand himself stayed for a period of some years at the home of fellow Freemason James Ryan.  Despite the fact that he himself was known to be afraid of LeMarchand, his daughter, Lara, developed a crush that her father was unable to discourage.

LeMarchand took great pleasure in both the attentions of the young lady, as well as the discomfort it caused her impotent father.   He took to taking the girl to his room for extended periods, whereupon her father would fly into a rage, and beat on LeMarchand's door to no avail.

For Lara’s 23rd birthday, LeMarchand created for her “Magdalene’s Undoing”.   Exactly four weeks later, her mangled body was discovered in her room, clutching her fateful gift.  A post-mortem examination revealed that she was approximately six weeks pregnant.
Her father's mental health began a steep decline that resulted in his admittance to the New York State mental institution, although not before he inexplicably named LeMarchand as executor of his estates.

The box was retained by the authorities as evidence, whereupon it promptly disappeared.  How it found its way to the Syrian Desert remains a mystery.

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