"LeMarchand's Box of Gateways"

Original box design & research by Steelgohst

The Enigme Configuration is thought to have been created as a tribute to Albertus Magnus' Box of Gateways, and was made as a gift for American businessman and oil entrepreneur David Brown.  Mr. Brown was widely vocal in his criticism of LeMarchand's work and artistic ability, proclaiming to all who would listen that:

"That stuck up Frenchman tries too hard to emulate the great pieces of Albertus Magnus, and fails dismally."

Upon hearing Mr. Brown's opinion of his work, LeMarchand tried repeatedly to meet with him.  He was always brushed off by Brown's jeering men, until one day they mysteriously failed to turn in for work.  This left the path open by "lucky happenstance" for LeMarchand to meet with his critic.

Mr. Brown was being seated for lunch in a New York restaurant, when he was startled to find LeMarchand sitting opposite of his table and smiling benignly.  He sat with a small package, wrapped in sweetly scented Hessian, resting on the table in front of him.

According to witnesses, Mr. Brown was at a loss for words.  He could do nothing but splutter impotently, until LeMarchand silenced him by gently sliding the mysterious package across the table, saying:

"Monsieur Brown, I am not in the habit of giving away gifts.  However, in your case I have made an exception that you would be wise not to refuse.  Since you adore so the works of the great Albertus, I have created this in homage to him.  Enjoy."

So saying he stood and left, his gift still resting innocently on the table.  Mr. Brown stared at it a while, in silence, before hurriedly stuffing it into his pocket and going on his way.

David Brown became an introvert almost overnight, and died some 6 weeks later of a mystery illness.  He never, to anyone's knowledge, divined the puzzle's secrets.

Recent testing of the box's metal have found it to be platinum*, with osmium largely present, giving the box a distinctive odor.  This would serve to solve the mystery of Mr. Browns illness, as the description of his symptoms and damage to his finger tips recorded by his personal physician match those of what is now known to be osmium poisoning.  It would appear that LeMarchand did not wish to take the chance that Mr. Brown may never be able to open the box, and added insurance that revenge would be his...

*LeMarchand had discovered platinum and its uses from his relationship in France with physicist P.F. Chabaneau, a relationship which Chabineau himself had tried hard to avoid, making him relieved when LeMarchand left France for the new world.

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